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Client Testimonials

“My family business was devastated.”

When I met Phil, he helped restore my livelihood! I was able to recover so much faster than I would have on my own.

Paul Chauvin, Small Business Insurance Claims

“CPS&T helped me…”
After the BP spill, I didn’t think my fishing business would recover. CSP&T helped me get what I deserved and now my business is back up and running.

Todd Michaelson, Fisherman Claims

“CSP&T made my business whole again…”
As a small business, I wasn’t sure whether the settlement would affect me, so I’m glad I called CSP&T. They explained the claims process to me and & I was able to recover the damages my company suffered.

Chad Verges, Small Business Claims

“We fully recommend CSP&T as a great litigation group.”

Our family has trusted the law firm of Cossich, Sumich, Parsiola & Taylor with our family’s oyster business for many years. So, we did not hesitate to call them following the BP Oil Spill at a time when we had no idea what the future would hold for ourselves or the oyster industry. As always, CSP&T stepped in to represent our interests in a great way. They fought for a recovery that has allowed us to thrive at a time we did not know if we could survive. Now, we are back on our feet and moving forward at work and at home.

Lorne Lebouef, Oyster Fisherman Claims